Con­figure your indus­trial robot with a mobile de­vice and up to 80% faster

  • check_circleInde­pendent from the choice of robot manu­fac­turer
  • check_circleCustom, intuitive user interface
  • check_circleNo programming skills necessary
  • check_circleUnlimited number of programs

Fast (re-)confi­guration enables eco­nomical auto­matic manu­facturing of small batches

Rising degrees of auto­mation and production flexi­bility nowadays forces compa­nies to re-configure their robots much more fre­quently. Re-configu­ration is time-consuming and requires expert know­ledge.

We help you to render this process simpler, faster, and a much more eco­nomic by provi­ding an inter­face, witch which human and machine can interact without know­ledge of a dedi­cated robot program­ming language.

Our soft­ware allows you to (re-)configure your indus­trial robot with a mobile device via a graphical user inter­face that is tailored exact­ly to your needs. A new configuration is entered through a simple web form and, with the click of a button, transmitted to the robot controller.

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During the ini­tial setup of a robot pro­gram, we save about 80% of time. This al­lows us to manu­facture even small batches eco­nomi­cally.

Our staff is so accustomed to smart­phones and tab­lets, they are now using them to pro­gram the robot with ease.

The digi­tal arm sheets are im­mensely helpful in the mecha­nical confi­gu­ration of the robot's peri­pherals.

Robert Eßer, CEO
aha! Albert Haag GmbH