Rüstflex DOC

The digital clipboard for your production

  • check_circleDocument your production processes on site with a mobile device
  • check_circleDefine custom web forms to guide field workers through the data collection process
  • check_circleRecord images and video and annotate content directly in the browser
  • check_circleReal-time product and order search, machine utilization planning
  • check_circleAnalyze collected data to get important business insights

Make your process knowledge available — anytime and anywhere

Rüstflex DOC helps you structure your important process knowledge and maintain it in one central location. Operating procedures, product specifications, and machine arming instructions can be accessed from a mobile device where needed.

With machine operators documenting their work in production with photos, videos, and other useful information, the knowledge base keeps growing continuously.

Vital alerts are available immediately when a product is manufactured for the next time. This helps speeding up operations and avoiding human errors.

All collected data supports management in post calculation and process optimization.

Rüstflex DOC makes your production ready for Industry 4.0 wherever your analogue machinery still serves its purpose.


Ease of use

The web browser running on mobile hardware offers a proven user interface. All forms are tailored to the customer's needs.


All information is stored in a central data base — on premise or in the cloud — and can be viewed and edited anywhere and anytime.


Documenting new processes is as easy, quick, and intuitive as filling out a web form.

Error prevention

Detailed process descriptions including photos, videos, and comments plus dedicated input validation mechanisms reduce the likelihood of errors dramatically.

Process optimization

Processes are augmented by useful information directly on the shop floor. The collected data supports management in process optimization and post-calculation.