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Our Mission

We help our customers exploit the vast potential of 3D acquisition and display in the hands of millions of consumers, covering the entire pipeline from the production to the delivery of 3D content in applications such as augmented/virtual reality, 3D printing, and many more. Our services range from strategic consulting, over development of highly-customized cutting-edge algorithms to programming of applications and their deployment on mobile and desktop platforms.



Reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) objects of complex shape and appearance from images, including Structure From Motion/Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, range scanning, and deflectometry.


Efficient storage, transmission, and rendering of 3D assets. Lighting/albedo estimation for high-quality augmented reality.

Object Tracking

Detection and real-time tracking of generic objects (static or dynamic) in color and/or range video.



Creation of maps, self-localization, and path-planning of domestic robots. Object detection and safe manipulation in factory automation.

Industrial Inspection

Quality control with image-based verification of completeness and manufacturing tolerances. Process control including automatic sorting and inventory check.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtual try-on of apparel, accessories, furniture. Placement of virtual ads in television or internet broadcasts. Mixing digital mock-ups with real-world imagery. Creation and playback of content for VR headsets.

3D Printing

Creation of print-ready content, including geometry reconstruction, post-processing, and texture mapping. Efficient storage and transmission of models with digital rights management.



Assessment of potential projects on the emerging 3D market, determination of their feasibility, and implementation planning.


From basic research on previously unsolved problems over pilot studies to development of a commercializable product.

Software Development

Agile software development on all major platforms including mobile and web. Parallelization on CPU and GPU. Quality management through established testing techniques.