About Us


Dr. Jonathan Balzer

Founder & CTO

Jonathan holds degrees in Mecha­nical Engineering, Mathe­matics, and Com­puter Science from the Karls­ruhe Insti­tute of Techno­logy. He de­parted from a 10-year aca­demic career to found Vathos, where he leads all tech­nical and busi­ness develop­ment.

Dr. Gottfried Munda

Adjunct Research Engineer

Gottfried, who is a specia­list in real-time optimi­zation with appli­cations in Com­puter Vision and Machine Lear­ning, met Jonathan during a re­search stay at UCLA. He mainly works on Vathos' core techno­logy.

Dr. Stefan Zopf

Strategic Advisor

Stefan has 10 years of ex­perience in mar­keting, finance, and busi­ness develop­ment. Be­sides his advi­sory role at Vathos, he helps — from his base in San Francisco — exten­ding Vathos' net­work of inves­tors and part­ners to the Sili­con Valley.

We are hiring

We are loo­king for ta­lent in the areas of engineering and busi­ness develop­ment. If you con­sider yourself a good fit for our team, don't hesi­tate to con­tact us. A brief email with your cur­rent CV attached will suf­fice for now.